Pre-Prep and Prep Schools in Epsom

By having three separate pre-preparatory schools for our youngest pupils and a preparatory school site for the older students, each child can enjoy the opportunities of a larger school, whilst being part of a smaller community. We are able to meet the needs and requirements of every pupil at each stage of their education and can ensure they are constantly progressing and improving in an environment which is appropriate to their age and skills.

Pre-Preps in Surrey

At the Pre-Preps, our youngest pupils balance learning through discovery with the fundamentals of a formal education. In the Lower School, they build on these skills and start to appreciate their own strengths and weaknesses, along with those of their peers. In the Upper School, these strengths are nurtured and developed to the high standards achieved by so many Downsend pupils.

The journey through Downsend School is a smooth one and the children are assisted to become increasingly more confident and independent with each passing year. By the time our pupils leave Downsend, they have developed into confident young teenagers who are happy and polite; equally importantly, they are equipped with the range of skills needed to cope with the changing demands of senior school education and the wider world.