The school has four sites. Three separate pre-preparatory schools based at Ashtead, Leatherhead and Epsom, each with its own Head and dedicated staff, take children from the age of 2 to 6 years.

The preparatory school takes the children onwards from 6 to 13 and is divided into a Lower School (age 6 - 10) and an Upper School (age 10 - 13). Each has a Head of School who is responsible for the academic progression and pastoral care of the children, as well as the day to day running of their part of the School.

The benefits of continuity in education are exceptionally strong, as the children move through each part of the school, and provide outstanding academic development. By having three separate pre-preparatory schools and a preparatory school site for the older children, each child can enjoy the opportunities of a larger school, whilst being part of a smaller community.

We are able to meet the needs and requirements of every pupil at each stage of their education and can ensure they are constantly progressing and improving in an environment which is appropriate to their age.

Your children may take their first steps in education with us and, by the time they leave, will have developed into confident young teenagers.