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  • Happy to achieve

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Welcome to Downsend Preparatory School

Downsend is an established, academic preparatory school in Leatherhead. We provide the best environment for your child at each stage of their education to ensure they are constantly progressing and improving.

Some of the reasons why Downsend is among the best independent schools in Surrey:

  1. Over 95% of our students earn a place at their first choice destination with, on average, over 40 offered academic, sporting or creative scholarships to the UK’s top senior schools;
  2. Our three pre-preps in Epsom, Leatherhead and Ashtead create strong foundations at the start of your child’s educational journey. Over 90% of our children are working above the National Average in Maths and Literacy by the end of Year One;
  3. From age 2, all of our pupils have access to specialist teaching in French, Sport, Dance/Drama and Music;
  4. We develop each child based on their individual learning profile, supported by a broad curriculum;
  5. Our students achieve outstanding social development through our pastoral care, school councils, and house system that encourages social responsibility and leadership;
  6. We offer 70+ extra-curricular activities and the Downsend+ holiday programme, which combined with term time offers 50 week childcare provision.

Stepping through Downsend

Follow an educational journey from our Pre-Preps to our Upper School - Watch our video.