We want your child to develop a sense of responsibility and independence, curiosity and imagination, self esteem and confidence, as well as self-control. In our Pre-Preps, becoming part of the group, sharing, taking turns, co-operating and making friends are very major steps. All children develop at their own pace and in their own individual way.

Throughout their Pre-Prep schooling, the Class Teachers take the greatest responsibility for pupil welfare and progress and are the first port of call for guidance. The children enjoy a warm relationship with their teachers, with excellent pupil ratios of 1:4 in First Steps and 1:8 in Rising Reception, Reception and Year One. In addition, the Pre-Prep Headteacher is always on hand to discuss wider issues such as the transition to Downsend’s Prep School.

We believe that happy children thrive in a welcoming, nurturing and stimulating environment. Their learning will be successful when they are enjoying themselves. We always adopt a positive approach to encouraging excellent behaviour.