Welcome to the Lower School

Our ambition in the Lower School is for every child to be given plentiful opportunities to develop confidence and independence as they grow. The curriculum is bright and lively, ensuring that each day offers many new challenges and ways for each child to learn new skills. We want every child to be given the chance to shine, and we judge our success by the breadth of our children’s smiles.

We pride ourselves on our pastoral care, believing that happy, confident children will flourish. Our primary concern is your child’s happiness and well-being, and we work hand-in-hand with parents to provide the best possible environment for your child to thrive emotionally, socially and academically. With the right nurture and care at the start of their time in the Lower School, each child treads confidently towards independence.

With an enquiring mind, a little determination, plenty of participation and a ready smile, we are confident that children will flourish and have an enjoyable, successful time in the Lower School at Downsend.

Clare Kirkham
Head of Lower School


Welcome to the Upper School

Downsend School is fully committed to 13+ education. To that end, we see Years 6 to 8 to be very much the final acts of the play. Upper School pupils are able to thrive and contribute in well-known surroundings with familiar and supportive staff, but at the same time are able to develop a sense of achievement and privilege in reaching the top of the school.

During these years the curriculum remains vibrant and diverse, challenging and entertaining but simultaneously prepares pupils appropriately for the relevant 13+ pre-tests and examinations. We are very proud of the ethos, atmosphere and results that have been achieved in our Upper School. The combination of enthusiastic children and committed, professional staff has brought us much to be proud of in recent years and we aim to continue to develop this sense of achievement, ownership and enjoyment in all aspects of Upper School life.

Karl Newland
Head of Upper School