Surrey Prep School

This crucial combination provides all pupils with outstanding opportunities to succeed, both inside and outside the classroom and the main site at Downsend educates boys and girls from the ages of 6 to 13 in the very finest of prep school traditions.

Prep School Leatherhead

Downsend is a large prep school with a busy and purposeful feel. Pupil happiness is key to this atmosphere and optimum teaching groups of between 16 and 20 pupils ensure that children can forge outstanding relationships with their teachers. In the Lower School (Years 2 - 5), pupils are taught largely in their form group, although setting in the core subjects is introduced in Year 4. As they progress through the Lower School, the amount of subject specialist teaching (PE, Games, Music, Modern Languages, Art, Technology etc) increases. As such, when pupils enter the Upper School, they are perfectly set up for the subject specialist teaching which forms the basis of their preparation for Scholarship and Common Entrance and, subsequently, their transition to their chosen senior school.

The system of setting at Downsend allows each child to work at their own pace, taking into account relative strengths in Maths and English and, in the Upper School, Science and Languages. In addition, pupils in Years 5-8 have the chance to identify their own learning profiles, discovering how they learn and how best to revise and consolidate their learning. This information helps teachers to devise and teach a curriculum that improves access to all.