Welcome to your GCSE Options Video Guide

As your child embarks on their 3-year GCSE programme at Downsend School it is important to have as much information as possible to support you in making those choices. We have been delighted this year to welcome parents back into school to talk to staff at our GCSE Options evening. We recognise, however, that there is a lot of information to take in and remember, and not everyone was able to attend.

In order to support your decision making, allowing you to return to advice from our wonderful staff or to listen to information about subjects that you did not manage to speak to live, we have put together this ‘GCSE Options Video Guide’ to allow you to watch an ‘Introduction to…’ video for each of our GCSE course subjects, and to give students and parents a taste of what each course will offer.

We hope that this GCSE Options guide will help with making the right choices at this very important stage of your child’s educational journey.

GCSE Options Information Booklet

For more information on our GCSE programme, we have put together this GCSE Options information Booklet. We hope you find it useful.


So which subjects are right for you? Watch our subject video guides to help you decide.

And last but not least, a little advice from 2 of our GCSE students...

It’s always nice to hear from the students themselves. These videos, recorded during lockdown last year by Amelie and Arthur (now in Year 10), give a little insight into their own experiences of choosing GCSE options at Downsend, and what it was like moving from Year 8 into Year 9.

Thank you for watching.

We hope you have found this information useful, and that it helps to answer some of your child’s initial questions around their GCSE options, and to help guide them towards making the right decisions for them.

Pupils will be receiving a tutorial prior to making their final choices, and new pupils who are joining us will be invited to take part in an online tutorial with one of our Senior staff to make the best possible choices for them.

If you have any further questions regarding GCSE Options, please do not hesitate to contact seniorschool@downsend.co.uk and your query will be forwarded to the correct member of staff. Alternatively use the contact list in the back of the Options guide to contact Heads of Department directly.

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