A Celebration of Public Speaking

Public Speaking champions

A Celebration of Public Speaking

Last night we were treated to a Public Speaking extravaganza which saw teams from Years 5 – 8 and even featured a staff team of Mrs Sutton, Mr Thorpe and Miss Friend. It was lovely to be able to showcase what we have been up to in the club and it was great to be able to share this with a sizeable audience. Topics varied from ‘The Media’ to ‘Poverty’ to ‘Nuralink’ to ‘Education Opens Doors’. It was a brilliant evening and we were very proud of the children who spoke confidently, eloquently and with passion.

Various individuals were mentioned – In the Year 5/6 category, the winning Chairperson was Shihong F, the winning speaker, Imogen G and the vote of thanks Sarassa M. In the Year 7/8 category, the winning Chairperson was Meharpal G, winning speaker, Alice L and the winning vote of thanks went to Matthew Y.

There were three prizes for successful teams:
1st : Ollie G and Meharpal G
2nd: Francesca T, Alice L and Hannah G
3rd: Geoffrey L, Adam V and Shihong F

Congratulations to all who took part – it was a most enjoyable evening!


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