Our Pastoral Promise

Our Pastoral Promise

A happy child leads to a successful child.


Walk around Downsend and the pictures you see hanging from our walls convey a strong sense of pastoral care. Academic progress is underpinned by pastoral systems that support personal and emotional development – they run in parallel here. We take a proactive interest in every child’s well-being and provide a nurturing, and supportive environment.

If an unexpected circumstance should arise, our ‘outstanding’ pastoral care sensitively addresses the concern and gives children every chance to succeed. We encourage children to talk to us openly and easy-going relationships founded on mutual respect are enjoyed between pupils and staff.

It is within a safe and secure framework that our children work hard, follow a structured, academic pathway enriched with a vast programme of extra-curricular activity, and achieve excellent results.

We build resilience and determination along the way; children feel they can make mistakes as they learn. They grow in confidence, which, in turn, gives them the courage to challenge themselves and take risks, try new things, get up if they fall down, and always, always, always have a go. Essential life skills for the future.

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