The Downsend Journey

The Downsend Journey

The Downsend Journey

Children come to us at 2 years in awe of the world they leave at 13 independent learners and thinkers.

The journey through Downsend allows your child to grow as individuals both academically, emotionally and socially. We have put in place a pathway that supports their progress seamlessly at every important step.



Children come to us in awe of the world, eager to soak up the challenges of a carefully planned and stimulating curriculum. They leave independent thinkers and learners, taking with them the skills they have acquired to settle into senior education.  Our talented teachers and specialist practitioners are there to guide your child as they develop for themselves a sense of identity and purpose.

A School within a School within a School

Big but small

All the facilities of a senior school with the intimacy and pastoral care of a junior school. We work hard at getting the balance right so your child enjoys the best of all worlds.

Intimate communities

By creating smaller learning communities within the overall Downsend School, we can ensure a more personalised environment. Each child progresses gradually through the school surrounded by their teachers and their peer group.

A pathway of gradual development

Children move around the different parts of the school from Year 4 for specialist subject lessons. This gently encourages independence, builds organisational skills and raises aspirations.

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