Our Transport Routes

Our Transport Routes

Although Downsend serves predominantly a local community, we aim to provide a transport service that meets the needs of parents.

Our Transport Coordinator works with parents to determine which routes are required and plans the routes accordingly. The routes below are indicative only, as they are based on current pupils and may change as new requirements are added.

As you go through the admissions process with us, we will ask you if you might be interested in using the transport service. Our Transport Coordinator will follow up with you directly to discuss your requirements and will assess the routes to see how we may be able to help.

For indicative costs for our Transport Service, please click here.

Morning Route 1: Epsom Downs and Epsom
07:15am Shawley Way Community School
7:19am Downs Tea Hut Car Park
7:25am Rose Bushes Bus Stop
7:28am Burgh Heath Rd
7:30am Church Street
7:33am Little Downsend Epsom
7:36am King Cafe
7:42am Madans Walk
7:49am Castle Rd
8:10am Arrive at Downsend School
Morning Route 2: Stoke D'Abernon, East Horsley, Fetcham and Leatherhead Train Station
7:20am Stoke D'Abernon, Plough Car Park
7:23am Stoke Rd, Tilt Rd bus stop
7:29am East Horsley Forest Rd bus stop
7:42am Fetcham The Bell Pub Car Park
7:50am Leatherhead Train Station
08:00am Arrival at Downsend School
Morning Route 3: Esher, Claygate and Chessington
07:05am Tolworth Station Car Park
7:20am Esher More Lane Bus Stop
7:28am Claygate Station Bus Stop
7:38am Chessington Hook Centre
8:15am Arrival at Downsend School
Morning Route 4: Banstead, Sutton, Cheam and Ewell
7:10am Banstead Salisbury Rd
7:17am Sutton St Andrews Church Car Park
7:21am Cheam 5-7 Ewell Rd
7:30am Ewell East Train Station
7:37am Ewell Longmead Rd
8:02am Arrival at Downsend School
Evening Route 5: Claygate and Esher
17:40 Depart Downsend School to Claygate
18:00 Claygate Hare Lane
18:10 Esher More Lane
Evening Route 6: Epsom and Banstead
17:40 Departs Downsend School to Epsom
17:47 Ashtead Train Station
17:52 Junction of Downsend and Worple Rd
17:59 Little Downsend Epsom
18:04 Epsom Rose Bushes
18:20 Banstead 143 High Street
  • After school buses depart from school at 17:40 to allow students to attend clubs and/or extra curricular activities.  When these finish, our Extended Day staff help pupils safely onto Downsend school buses.  If Extended Day or Supervised Study services are used in full, fees will apply. However if Extended Day or Supervised Study are used following a club and for the purpose of being checked onto the bus, no fee will apply.
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