Adverse Weather Update 2

For Friday, 13 January 2017 – Thank you to all parents for assisting this afternoon with adjusting their schedules; we hope you have all arrived home safely. Having checked a number of weather websites, we are expecting further snow showers between 8pm and 10pm. There is then no more snow scheduled until 9am on Friday morning

We are currently gritting and salting all 4 Downsend sites to make them as safe as possible for pedestrians and drivers, although extra caution must be exercised at all times. For this reason, all of our 4 schools will remain open as usual on Friday, 13 January operating as normal a service as possible. As always, conditions may well be highly localised and we urge parents and staff to use their own discretion when travelling.

The following points are worthy of consideration:

  • Normal school finishing times are in place at all Downsend sites
  • We have cancelled Assembly at Main Site and replaced it with a Form Period. Therefore, lessons will start at 9.15am, as we are likely to experience some disruption at the start of the school day
  • The 7+ Welcome Morning will take place as planned; we will have additional staff in the Car Park to assist with welcoming our visitors
  • With no further snowfall due tomorrow afternoon, clubs and Extended Day will operate as usual
  • On the issue of transport, please leave more time than usual in order to make your way to and from school. The school transport services, before and after school, will run as normal
  • Normal school uniform should be worn by all pupils. Temperatures will be around freezing, but will feel much colder. Therefore, all pupils should bring winter-weather clothing (suitable coats, gloves, hats and scarves etc)

We have tried very hard to give you as much accurate information as possible today and will do the same tomorrow; please check the website regularly for further updates should there be any changes to the arrangements above.

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