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ASE Arabic

Downsend pupils learn arabic

ASE Arabic

Mr Rhys Roberts, a former pupil of this school and Reigate Grammar, kindly gave his time to come and teach the scholarship group some Arabic and also to share his experience of living and working in Jordan. Rhys decided to learn Arabic whilst doing a Masters in Physics at Manchester university. We were privileged to have three sessions with Rhys; the first focusing on the Arabic alphabet where we had much fun trying to spell our names; the second focusing more on the cultural aspect of the tribe with whom Rhys lived, trying on headdress and clothing and the third bringing all aspects of Rhys’ experience together. Rhys dealt with interesting questions such as what he ate in the village he stayed in, the role of women, the political and religious situation and education and medical care.

We all felt that we benefitted both culturally and linguistically from Rhys’ sessions and we are very grateful to him for coming to see us before the next stage in his career.

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