Deputy Head – Stopping Bullying

As a school we have focussed on what bullying is, emphasising to the children that bullying is any deliberate,
repeated, unkind behaviour.

The three words deliberate, repeated and unkind are important. Examples include name calling, deliberately hiding someone’s things, repeated teasing and so forth.

Ask children what they should do if felt they were being bullied. Our key bit of advice is to tell someone,
ideally parents but could be a sibling, form teacher or any member of staff, and not to keep quiet because
unkindness will continue until it is stopped.

Online safety workshops are important to highlight the dangers posed by online bullying and what to
do. We like to believe that we have created a caring and supporting culture at Downsend. That said, we are
always aware that acts of unkindness can break out at any given time and it is our aim not to be complacent.

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