At Downsend we believe that Art and Design is a very important component of a balanced and rounded education. Through a broad and challenging programme of study, we encourage pupils to work imaginatively, express themselves creatively, and develop their problem-solving skills.

Our Aims

We aim to

  1. Enable pupils to develop an appreciation and enjoyment of Art
  2. Encourage individuality, initiative and creativity
  3. Introduce pupils to a wide variety of materials and techniques
  4. Provide opportunities for pupils to develop skills in drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture and other art, craft and design techniques.
  5. Help pupils to develop the skills to evaluate and analyse artistic works using an appropriate vocabulary.


The skills and concepts covered through our Schemes of Work are derived from the four aims of the 2014 National Curriculum:

  1. Generating Ideas: The skills of designing and developing ideas.
  2. Making: The skills of making art, craft and design.
  3. Evaluating: The skills of judgement and evaluation.
  4. Knowledge: Knowledge of both technical process and cultural context.

Every year, pupils develop and build upon their skills with a drawing and painting project in the Autumn term, followed by printmaking and sculpture projects in the Spring and Summer terms. Each project contains:

  • A stimulating idea or theme.
  • A suitable material and technical process that allows the qualities of the theme to be explored.
  • A formal element
  • A cultural or historical reference

All children use a sketchbook to record media explorations and experimentations as well as to support the development of work.


Pupils are encouraged take part in the annual House Art competition, as well as local and national Art competitions.

For those with a keen interest in Art and Design there is a variety of clubs including Pottery and Architecture.


Head of Art: Julia Aylen

01372 372197