“I love Downsend because one minute I can be painting in the art room, next writing a story about an Egyptian Mummy and then jumping in the pool!” Polly, year 3

Our Private Prep School in Leatherhead, Surrey is the perfect place for children aged 6-10 to take the next step on their educational journey once they finish Pre-Prep. At Downsend all of our Prep School (Lower School) pupils are exposed to a varied curriculum that lends itself to personalised learning. We believe that this approach is the best way to engage pupils and help them to make the first step to taking charge of their own education.

Welcome to Lower School

Your child begins their Lower School journey in Year 2. Here they are welcomed to a caring and nurturing environment.

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School Day

Our Lower School has a busy and purposeful feel. We motivate children to be the best they can be, developing their own strengths.

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“The teachers make even the hard lessons fun.”

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Personalised Learning

Children learn in different ways, needing support and encouragement; our specialist teachers identify barriers to learning progression and help children to overcome them.

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“I love the new facilities, especially the ICT Suite.”

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Beyond the Classroom

Our Lower School offers every opportunity for children to try new skills in Sport, Music and the Creative Arts. Hidden talents don’t stay hidden for long!

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Extended Day

We offer 50 weeks of learning and childcare provision, and match the school day with your working day.

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