Personalised Learning

Personalised Learning

Supporting Individual Needs

Differing Learning Styles

Children learn in different ways and our teaching at Downsend addresses the needs of a wide variety of learning styles including kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning.

We do this so that children can adopt a full range of strategies and skills in their learning. It is important that children are encouraged to make decisions about their own learning and to understand themselves as learners.

In time, they will use their strengths to support subject areas that need repetition and revision.

We completely focus on building confidence in every child no matter what level they are working at and adopt different teaching styles to ensure every child understands.


Academic Support

At Downsend we value the individual child and support their learning in every way. We want them to become independent, confident and well-rounded pupils.

For any child who would benefit from extension work and tasks, our Gifted & Talented co-ordinator will work with class teachers to ensure this is done appropriate to their ability.

We find that most children’s academic needs are met through our curriculum. If a child finds some difficulty in specific areas of learning, we will identify this through our ongoing assessment and screening procedures. Our Learning Support Department work across the Pre-Prep and Prep schools and promotes inclusion so that any child who is experiencing any difficulty at Downsend, will always be an equal and valued member of our school.

We also recognise that parents may also have some anxieties and we welcome their views as this helps us form a complete picture of a child. We like to help children as quickly as possible so that they do not lose their confidence or become demotivated.

Our Special Needs Coordinator, after discussion with staff and parents, may carry out an informal assessment to identify the child’s strengths and weaknesses. In some instances an outside expert such as an Educational Psychologist or a Speech and Language Therapist, may be brought in to further assess some children.

We offer a range of support:

  • help in class from teaching assistants and specialist teachers,
  • booster groups led by either teaching assistants or specialist teachers,
  • one-to-one tuition from specialist teachers.

We are fortunate to have access to some extremely experienced and caring specialists. If individual learning support lessons or external advisors are required, there will be additional charges that we will make you aware of in advance.

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