The Lower School curriculum is as effervescent as the pupils. Talented teachers and specialist practitioners are passionate about their subjects, and it shows!

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Year 5

My favourite lesson…SCIENCE!  We are learning about Earth and the Solar System. They say in four years 100 people will be taken to Mars in an aircraft.  It will take them three quarters of the year to get there – wow!  Science excites me and I am looking forward to Year 6 when we get to use dangerous chemicals in the lab.

How learning progresses through the school

Year 2

Pupils are taught mainly in small form groups with a form tutor. They have specialist teaching in PE, Music and Technology.

Year 3

Pupils are still predominantly taught in small form groups with additional specialist teaching brought in for Humanities, Spelling and Languages.

Year 4

Setting in the core academic subjects is introduced. Children develop their strengths at their own pace within sets.

Year 5


Children develop their knowledge further with specialist lessons across all subjects areas, alongside preparations for Year 6 pre-tests. These involve Maths, English and Reasoning

A broad and dynamic curriculum

The curriculum challenges our Lower School children and prepares them for the academic milestones that lie ahead. When they enter the Upper School, they are keen to expand their knowledge in preparation for Scholarships and Common Entrance.

Taught in forms and by subject specialists:

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