School Day

School Day

An ordinary day in an extraordinary school

The Downsend School day can start from 8.00am if parents opt for early drop off and can finish at 3.45, or 4.15 , or 5:45pm if you require Extended Day Care. Lots of flexibility to accommodate everyone’s busy or working day.

Through the eyes of Josh, Year 5

08:05 – 08:25


I go out to the playground and play football. It is nice to meet your friends before school.

08:30 – 08:40


This is our opportunity to get ourselves organised for the day and to share our news with our form tutor and our friends.



Lessons begin. I have reasoning with Mr Watts. I like reasoning with Mr Watts because he is fun and interesting. He is really good at reasoning and he says if you get stuck ask your gerbil because they’re clever.



I love football because you have to be quick on your feet and alert at all times, and I am good at it.

10:15 – 10:45


We can play football, climb the fort or sit down and read a book on the benches outside. You can also go to the library to read a book, newspaper or magazine.

10.45 -11:15


It is cool because we can blow things up and set our hands on fire. There are lots of chemicals in the lab and we learn to use equipment in a safe way.



We are learning about natural disasters like tornados, volcanoes and earthquakes. Lava can form arches called lava arches, if you attempt to climb them you have to be extremely careful.



We are playing the ukulele and practicing for the trip to the 02 Arena where we will be part of one of the biggest concerts in the world.

12:30 – 13:15


My favourite is macaroni cheese. During break, I sometimes go to clubs. Today is quiz club, I hope we win!

13:15 - 13.45


Teachers take it in turns to talk about things like bullying, kindness, new starts and healthy eating. After assembly it is back to work.



This term we are learning about Tudors for example about Henry Vlll, Catherine of Aragon and The Mary Rose, which I have already visited this year and found really astonishing and brilliant.



Each week we have a different rule to learn and a test and a dictation. It’s great when we get them all right!



This alternates between Textiles, Food Technology or DT. This term I’m doing DT and we are making bird hides. I love planning and building creations.


Home time

15:45 – 16:15

Late Class

If your adult does not arrive, you go to Late Class where you do your homework, read or you can have a snack if you’re then going to a sports club.

16:15 – 17:45

Extended Day

From 4.15 if you do not have a club, you can then go to Extended Day. Some days I have a club like STEM Club or Baking Club.

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