Maths Competition

Maths Competition

On Tuesday 8 pupils in two teams took part in a United Kingdom Maths Trust inter-schools competition at Halstead Prep. There were 7 rounds of puzzles, algebra, BIDMAS, logic which all required team work or paired work, speed and agility.

The girl’s team shone in the logic round with an amazing 100% and the boys completed the cross-number with impressive accuracy and in record time. We were very impressed with both team’s communication skills and determination to do their best.

As the final rounds were completed, it was clear the boys were towards the top of the rankings and an impressive final round saw them in direct battle with the hosts, Halstead Prep. In the end, for our first competition of this kind, we came away with an impressive 2nd place.

It was a great day of maths competition and enjoyed by all; well done the two teams of Brandon G, Noah B-W, Khalil V, Aadam M, Ovee D, Bronwen R, Amelia B and Ines M. Also huge thanks to Mrs Groocock and Mr Winmill for taking the children and helping out for the day.


My favourite round was the relay round – I like the idea of half the team positioned on one table and the other half a distance away on another table and that you had to get the answer correct before you gave the next question to your team mates…and you weren’t allowed to run! Brandon G.
My favourite out of all the rounds was the logic and the poster rounds as we were really good at those! Ovee D.

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