Staff Roles and Responsibilities


Mr I Thorpe

BA (Ed) Hons (Exeter) MA (Ed) (Open) Headmaster

Mr G S Watts

BA Hons (London) PGCE Deputy Head/Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mr K Newland

BSc Hons (Surrey) PGCE Head of Upper School

Mrs C Kirkham

BA Hons (Leeds) PGCE Head of Lower School

Mr J Albert

BSc Hons (Kingston) MA (Ed) QTS Assistant Head (External Relations)

Miss J Aylen

BSc PGCE Head of Art

Mrs S Baldock

BSc Hons (UCL) PGCE Head of Year 5

Mr G Batchelor

Gap Year Assistant

Mrs M Bayley

PGCE (Exeter) Head of Year 3

Miss L Birchall

MA Hons (Oxford Brookes) 2nd in charge of Maths

Miss H Black

BA Hons (London) PGCE Deputy Head of the Lower School and Head of History

Mrs L Brunt

BEd Hons (Plymouth) QTS Curriculum Manager

Mr C Bryant

BA Hons (Plymouth) PGCE
Acting Diploma (Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts)
Head of English

Mrs L Burns

BA Hons (Winchester) PGCE Joint Head of Year 2

Mr C Caprano-Wint

Gap Year Assistant

Mrs L Carmody

HD Teach Hons (Macedonia), BA Ed (UK NARIC) QTS Class Teacher

Ms S Concanon

Admissions Registrar

Mrs J Constable

Head of Marketing & Admissions

Mrs C Cooper-James

BSc Hons (Crew & Alsager) PGCE Games & Physical Education

Mrs B Day

BA Hons Textile Marketing Head of Technology

Mrs Y de Vries

HD-Ed (Johannesburg), FDE MBD Special Needs Joint Head of Year 2/Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mrs S Dinnage

BEd Hons (Cantab) Religious Studies & History
Mr A Dunning
BEd Hons (Exeter) Senior Teacher & Head of Geography

Mr J Evans

UEFA B, Youth Module 2, Crystal Palace U12 Academy Coach Football Coach

Mrs F Fitch

BA Hons (Wolverhampton) PGCE Head of Lower School Games

Mrs L Ford (Maternity Leave)

BA Hons (Roehampton) Class Teacher

Miss E Friend

PGCE Primary (KS2) KS2 Teacher

Mrs J Graham

CertEd Head of Religious Studies

Mrs S Gregory

BA Hons (London ) PGCE Head of Modern Languages

Mrs M Grimshaw-Smith (Maternity Leave)

BA Hons (Kent) PGCE Textiles


Mrs L Goodwin (Maternity Leave)

BSc Hons (Birmingham) QTS-GTP (West London Partnership) Head of Pre-Prep Liaison

Mrs T Groocock

BSc Hons (Bristol) PGCE Head of Science

Mrs S Hallsworth

BA Hons (West of England), Cert in Dyslexia and Literacy SENCo

Mrs J Hawes

BEd Hons, MA Education Games & PE Teacher

Mrs T Haylett

BA Hons (Brighton) QTS English

Mrs K Hayward

BA Hons (Roehampton) QTS Design Technology

Mr R Howe

BA Hons (London) PGCE Games & Physical Education

Mrs A Langridge

BSc Hons (Liverpool) CertEd Head of Maths & Head of Girls’ Pastoral Care

Ms N Ludlam

MA (St Andrews) Masters Degree (UCL) PGCE (Strathclyde) Class Teacher

Mrs A Mercer

BA Hons (Kingston) QTS Class Teacher & Maths

Mrs A Miller

Science Technician

Mr P Mitchell

BA Hons History, PGCE Primary KS2 Teacher

Miss A O’Toole

BSc Psychology, PGCE Primary Head of Year 4 & KS2 Teacher

Ms A Ospina

BA Hons (King’s College) PGCE Spanish

Miss A Prescott

BA (Hons), MA and PGCE Latin

Mr H Roberts

BEd (Cheltenham) Head of PE & Sport

Mrs M Sehgal

BA Hons (Roehampton) QTS Class Teacher

Miss M Seivewright

BEd Hons (de Montfort University) Head of Girls’ Games

Mr L Silva

BEng Hons (Kingston) MA QTS Head of Year 8 & Science Teacher


Mrs S Taylor

BA Hons (East Anglia) PGCE French

Mr R Temlett

BA Hons (University College London) PGCE Deputy Head of Upper School & Head of Year 6

Mrs V Topa

BA Hons QTS (St Mary’s)


 PE & Class Teacher

Mr J Thompson

BA Hons (University of Brighton) QTS  Class Teacher

Miss J Truelove

 Gap Year Assistant

Mr M Turvey

BA Hons (Roehampton) QTS Head of ICT

Mrs D Vanstone

BEd (Roehampton) English & Acting Head of PSHE

Mr S Williams

BMus Hons (Royal Northern College of Music) PGCE Director of Music

Mrs C Wilson

BSc Hons (Surrey) PGCE  Class Teacher

Further details of the total number of staff, including non-teaching and peripatetic staff are available from the Business Support Officer.