Staff Roles and Responsibilities


Title Forename Surname Qualifactions Role
Mr Jon Albert BSc (Hons), MA Ed QTS Assistant Head of External Relations
Mrs Lauren Albert Lower School Administrator
Mrs Colette Allen Office Manager
Mrs Nicole Allison BMus, Dip Ed Head of Music
Mrs Ida Ashworth BA (Hons), MMu, PGCE Head of Latin
Mrs Sandra Attenberger Administrator
Miss Julia Aylen BSc, PGCE Head of Art
Ms Lucy Bates Lower School Teaching Assistant
Mrs Marian Bayley BMus, PGCE Head of Yr3, Teacher KS2
Miss Helen Black BA (Hons), PGCE Deputy Head of Lower School, Joint Head of Yr 5, Head of History
Mrs Joanne Brettell Receptionist
Mrs Wendy Bruce Facilities Administrator
Mrs Lisa Brunt BEd (Hons), QTS Curriculum Manager
Mr Christopher Bryant BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS Head of English & Drama
Mrs Lisa Burns BA (Hons), PGCE, QTS Acting Head of Yr2, 2ic English, Teacher KS1
Mrs Alison Caldwell Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Ljubica Carmody BAEd QTS, HD Teach Hons Teacher KS2, 2ic ICT, NQT Mentor
Ms Sarah Concanon Admissions Registrar
Mrs Elaine Cooper Lower School Teaching Assistant & D Plus Co-Leader
Mrs Claire Cooper-James PGCE, BSc (Hons) Girl’s Games/PE teacher
Ms Sharon Corr Teaching Assistant
Mrs Karen Cresswell BEd Librarian
Mrs Michelle Crow Lower School Teaching Assistant, ELSA
Mrs Beth Day BA (Hons) Head of Design & Technology
Mrs Yvette De Vries Further Dip Ed, Higher Dip Ed, MBD Special Needs Acting Head of Yr2, DDSL, Teacher KS1
Mrs Carole Dickie Business Manager
Mrs Susan Dinnage BEd (Hons) Religious Studies / History
Mr Adrian Dunning BEd (Hons) Senior Teacher, Head of Geography
Mr Josh Evans Coach of Boy’s Games
Mrs Rachel Faulkner BA (Hons), DipM Marketing Communications
Mrs Helen Ferguson RGN School Nurse
Mrs Fiona Fitch BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Lower School Games
Miss Emily Friend BA (Hons), PGCE Teacher KS2, RAISE Co-ordinator
Mrs Jane Giannelli Receptionist/Admin Assistant
Mrs Jenny Graham Cert Ed Head of Religious Studies
Mrs Christine Greaves Finance Assistant
Mrs Sarah Gregory BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Languages
Mrs Melanie Grimshaw-Smith BA (Hons), PGCE Textiles Teacher
Mrs Tamsin Groocock BSc (Hons), PGCE Head of Science & STEAM
Mrs Louise Hallam BA (Hons), PGCE Language Teacher
Mrs Sarah Hallsworth BA (Hons), PG Cert SEND SENCO
Mr Tomas Harmsworth Gap Year Student
Mrs Jo Hawes BEd (Hons), MEd PE & Girls Games Teacher
Mrs Tanya Haylett QTS, BA (Hons) with QTS English Teacher (Maternity)
Mr Michael Henderson Premises Assistant
Mrs Judy Houlden BA, PGCE Spanish Teacher
Mr Rupert Howe BA (Hons), PGCE PE Teacher
Mrs Jill Izatt Lower School Teaching Assistant
Miss Rosie Kendrick Lower School Teaching Assistant
Mrs Clare Kirkham BA (Hons), PGCE Head of Lower School
Mrs Amina Langridge BSc (Hons), Cert Ed Maths Teacher
Ms Natasha Ludlam MA (Hons), PGCE Teacher KS2
Mr John Marchant Finance Officer
Mrs Anna Mercer BA (Hons) with QTS Acting Head of Maths, Head of Year 7
Mr Peter Mitchell BA (Hons), QTS Teacher KS2
Mrs Jodie Newberry BA (Hons), QTS Head of Yr4, Teacher KS2
Mr Karl Newland BSc (Hons), MEd, PGCE Head of Upper School
Mrs Sarah Orr Lower School Teaching Assistant
Mrs Vinnie Pankhania Administrator (SENco)
Mr James Paul Lower School Teaching Assistant
Ms Rebecca Peek Downsend Plus Co-Leader
Mr Marc Popham BSc (Hons), QTS Teacher KS2
Mr Iain Potter Premises Assistant
Mrs Dawn Proudfoot Learning Support Assistant
Mrs Alison Richardson Classroom Support Assistant
Mr Howard Roberts BEd, QTS Director of Sport
Miss Ceci Rodriguez Turano Girls Hockey Coach, PE Teacher
Mrs Ing-Marie Rogers Teaching Assistant
Mrs Michelle Sehgal BA (Hons), QTS 2ic Science, Science Teacher
Miss Marie Seivewright BEd (Hons) Head of Girl’s Games
Mr Lee Silva BEd, MA, QTS Head of Year 8, Science Teacher
Mrs Heather Smith Lower School Teaching Assistant
Mrs Leanne Stewart UNISA Maths Teacher
Mrs Amy Sutton BSc (Hons), PGCE 2ic Maths, Teacher KS2
Mrs Susie Taylor BA (Hons), PGCE French Teacher, 2ic Modern Foreign Languages
Mr Robert Temlett BA (Hons), PGCE Deputy Head of Upper School, Head of Year 6
Mrs Sally Temlett BA (Hons), PGCE Teacher KS1
Mr James Thompson BA (Hons) Primary Education, QTS Boy’s Games, PE Teacher
Mr Ian Thorpe BA Ed (Hons), MA Education Headmaster
Mr Samuel Thorpe Gap Student, Coach for Mini Crickets
Mr Michael Turvey BA (Hons), QTS Head of ICT
Mrs Dee Vanstone BEd Head of PSHE & Reasoning
Miss Nicole Vanstone Gap Year Student
Mr James Walker Gap Year Student
Mr Seb Watts BA (Hons), PGCE Deputy Headmaster & DSL
Mrs Victoria Wharam Learning Support Specialist
Miss Chelsea Wilby BA (Hons) Teacher KS1
Mr Ian Winmill STEM Technician
Mrs Sue Wood HR Administrator
Mr Gregory Wright Classroom Support Assistant
Mrs Karen Wyatt Finance Assistant
Mrs Catherine Young Lower School Teaching Assistant


Further details of the total number of staff, including Supply, non-teaching and peripatetic staff are available from the Business Support Officer.


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