Back To School

For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please see our Back To School page for more information and guides for each site.

School Day

A typical day in Reception for a child who needs Wrap Around Care

Through the eyes of Ted


Early Birds

I played with the playdough, Lego, the train set and made a card for my mummy this morning before school even started.


Move to the classroom

I walked to the classroom with my Early Birds teacher, I put my coat on my peg, my bookbag in my box and started on one of the activities my teacher had set out.



My teacher needs to know who is in school today so takes the register. We count how many children are here, how many are away and how many would be here altogether if everyone was here.


Phonics activity

We learnt the ‘or’ sound today, we read the words ‘fork’, ‘port’ and ‘cork’ and tried to spell the words ‘for’ and ‘stork’.


Music lesson with specialist teacher

Mr Bayley taught us a song for our Mothers’ Day assembly. He played the violin and we played different percussion instruments while we sang.


Practical maths activity

We were learning how to add two digit numbers using the cubes today. We made towers of tens to represent the tens numbers and used single cubes for the ones.


Snack time

At snack time we have a piece of fruit and water or milk to drink.


Play time

I love playtime in the playground! I play with my friends, ride the bikes and build towers using the big construction blocks.



I read to my teacher every day. It’s helping me to become a really good reader.


Maths activity session

We went on a walk around the school to see which 2D and 3D shapes we could find.


Play time

We get to play outside again before we eat our lunch.



We had Mrs T’s spaghetti bolognaise today. It was delicious!



Our teacher takes the register again in the afternoon.


Games lesson

Mr Albert comes over from main site to teach us games. We’re learning to play hockey at the moment.


Topic based activity

We’re learning about houses and homes at the moment. We had to write some estate agents details for our own house.



Mrs Conlan’s assembly was about always trying our best today. We learnt the phrase ‘if at first your don’t succeed try and try again’.



We had some more yummy fruit at snack time.


After-School Cookery Club

We made cheese straws today. They smelt delicious I can’t wait to taste them!


Extended Day

I did some cutting and sticking, dressing up and played outside at extended day today. For tea we had sandwiches and boiled eggs with carrots, cucumber and peppers. Then we had grapes and a piece of flapjack.


Home Time

I’ve had such a fun day! I can’t wait until tomorrow!

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