Our Aims and Approach

Our Aims and Approach

All our schools have a family feel where a partnership with parents is highly valued.

To ensure our children get the best educational start, we aim to:

Inspire Achievement

…by exploring a breadth of opportunities. Each child is encouraged to question and explore, discovering their capability to excel…

Nurture Individuality

…by supporting each child to become happy, confident, independent and successful…


…exciting experiences through an enriched curriculum and a strong extra-curricular programme. We aim to capture each child’s inner curiosity to become lifelong learners…

Look Forward

…by developing each child’s resilience and character, enabling them to embrace the future as a global citizen…



We wear wellies and count the splashes puddles make.

Highly experienced staff deliver a structured learning programme that inspires children to explore, discover and play inside and out of the classroom.  Children hardly realise they are learning as they investigate shapes and textures in the vegetable patch, or collect and count sticks to make hedgehogs out of clay.

While we follow the Early Years and Key Stage One curriculum, we do go beyond this and provide a broader, vibrant approach.

We believe there are many imaginative ways to enrich children and appeal to inquisitive natures. At this important stage in their development, young brains thrive on activity.  Which is why we have a Forrest School to take literacy, numeracy and science outdoors and make learning fun.  Why we have specialist teachers in Music, Dance, Drama, PE and Games. Why we teach French from Year 2. And why our after school clubs introduce children to many new skills.

During this exciting and impressionable time at Downsend, children are given every opportunity to discover and explore. We never forget we are nurturing the next generation of scientists, mathematicians, linguists, creative artists, and sporting talent.  We are successful in laying the foundation for all that is to come.

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