Transport Brochure

Our coach and minibus services bring pupils to and from school every day. All of them are fitted with safety belts, and are scheduled to arrive by 8.20am in the morning and leave at 5.40pm in the afternoon.


Single journey – 5 days per week for a full term £160

Return journey – 5 days per week for a full term £300

Costs can be applied on a per usage basis for the return route of £4.00 per journey, should parents wish to regularly use the service less than 5 days per week.


Ewell Route - Hardings

7.40 am – Tesco Car Park – Chantilly Way

7.45 am – Manor Green Road

7.55 am – Worple Road, Epsom

8.00 am – Cedar hill – Post Box, Woodcote Green Road at junction with Woodcote Hurst


Banstead Route - Downsend Bus

7.30 am – Ewell East Station Bus Stop

7.40 am – Epsom Pre-Prep

7.43 am – Junction of College Road & Pitt Road


Tadworth Route - Hardings

7.40 am – Shawley Way

7.45 am – Downs Car Park/ Tattenham Corner Kiosk Car park

7.55 am – Epsom College – bus stop after roundabout

7.58 am – Upper High Street – last bust stop before shops

8.05 am – White Horse Pub, Epsom Hospital


Hinchley Wood Route - Hardings

7.30 am – Milbourne Lane, Esher

7.50 am – Juntion of Holtwood Road & Steels Lane, Oxshott


Effingham Route - Hardings

7.30 am – The Warren – East Horsley

7.35 am – St Lawrence School

7.45 am – The Lorne, top end – Bookham

7.50 am – Lower Road

Dedicated School to Home Service departing at 5.40pm each day 

A - Hardings

NB. This route will include Epsom Pre-prep

Servicing the Ashtead, Epsom, Ewell, Tadworth, Reigate and Betchworth areas. Final route subject to confirmation.

B - Hardings

Servicing the Oxshott, Fetcham, Bookham and Cobham areas. Final route subject to confirmation.

Times and routes may be subject to change depending on requirements. If you wish to enquire about additional stops, please email or call Wendy Bruce on 01372 385424.

01372 372311