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For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please see our Back To School page for more information and guides for each site.

Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning

An integrated, consistent curriculum

Our aim at Downsend School is to deliver a truly integrated experience from the moment children join us at age 2, all the way through to their GCSEs. We do this by working together as a team at every stage to ensure consistency in the delivery of core subjects and how we talk about ‘learning language’ with each other, with the children and with you as Parents.


Embracing the STEAM ideology across everything we do

We are fully embracing the STEAM ideology using the principles to underpin the curriculum, but more importantly to focus on the kinds of skills so demanded by employers of the future. Teaching educational theory through endless regurgitation has had its day, and so we look to the future to teach resilience, adaptability, collaboration, creativity and how to fail and get back up again – as the very cornerstones of academic excellence.

We do this through the creation of a STEAM TEAM, made up of leading educationalists and partners from industry to ensure we’re tapping in to the ever-changing future landscape to ensure our children enter the next step of their journey with their eyes wide open and able to respond to the challenges of a big data world and the very real possibility of working alongside robots.


Simplifying achievement metrics for us and for you

We understand that getting a sense of how your child is achieving is sometimes difficult to quantify and benchmark – so we seek to ensure that there is a consistency in our assessment process at each stage of the School, and how we report that to Parents in a way that makes sense. We do that by creating a School Assessment Team, in which the Head of Little Downsend, and the Heads of Junior and Senior Schools come together to assess and benchmark data against national averages, and all the data we have access to, to ensure that you are getting a consistent picture of how your child is achieving, and an action plan for necessary support.


Personalised Learning

Children learn in different ways and our teaching at Downsend addresses the needs of a wide variety of learning styles including kinaesthetic, visual and auditory learning. We do this so that children can adopt a full range of strategies and skills in their learning. It is important that children are encouraged to make decisions about their own learning and to develop a self-awareness about how what suits them best. In time, they will use their strengths to support subject areas that need repetition and revision.



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