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For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please see our Back To School page for more information and guides for each site.



English permeates every aspect of Lower School life whether solving mathematical word problems, recording scientific investigations or role playing life in a Victorian School, excellence in English is essential to success.

Our Aims

Through the teaching of English, we aim to:

  • develop our children’s imaginations
  • foster a love of language and literature
  • equip our young people to become independent thinkers and good communicators

The journey starts with learning to become a confident speaker, reader and writer and ends with the ability to use reading to learn and language to express ideas in speech and writing.


English is delivered as a spiral curriculum, allowing skills to be developed as children move through the school.  Our young people are encouraged to plan and evaluate their work so they have a clear idea of their achievements and how they need to progress.

Schemes of work are based upon the 2014 National Curriculum, with the foundations laid for 11+ and Common Entrance preparation.

Speaking and Listening

  • Participation in school concerts and assemblies
  • Year 5 prepare and present a piece of performance poetry/ prose adjudicated by a panel of English specialists
  • Hot seating characters, role play and debates
  • Year 5 current affairs discussions


  • A levelled reading scheme covering fiction and non-fiction genre to support reading fluency, accuracy and understanding in Years 2 and 3
  • Reading comprehension is taught as a specific skill in each year group
  • Class readers and weekly timetabled Library slots to share books


  • Children are taught to plan, check, revise and evaluate their work
  • Key elements for creative writing are taught through poetry, stories and descriptions
  • Applied writing styles covered include: reports, explanations, persuasion, diaries, instructions and letters
  • A joined, cursive handwriting script is taught


  • Patterns, rules and strategies are taught to help children spell groups of words and common exception words
  • Accurate sentence structure, grammar rules and punctuation are taught


Beyond the classroom, Lower School children experience the creative diversity of English through:

  • Workshops
  • Themed days including: World Book Day, National Poetry Day, Roald Dahl Day
  • Theatre trips
  • Public Speaking Club (Year 5)
  • Historical Writing Competition (Year 5)

Lower School English – Lisa Burns

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