Maths in the Junior School at Downsend is fun, challenging and multi-sensory. It is vital that all children have a sound understanding of the number system and the way in which numbers can be constructed. Therefore, we encourage children to build various numbers with concrete apparatus; use visual images to demonstrate mathematical concepts wherever possible and set investigations that encourage inquisitive minds to explore the various patterns and relationships that can be discovered.

Our Aims

Our children should be given an opportunity to:

  • Develop curiosity, knowledge and understanding of the mathematical concepts that can be found in the world around them
  • Refine key-life skills that will give them the confidence and ability to tackle any task with enthusiasm and ease.
  • Approach problems with a range of efficient and creative strategies
  • Demonstrate independent, logical thinking and verbal reasoning


Years 2, 3 and 4 follow the ‘Abacus’ Maths Scheme. The online digital resources support teachers in delivering a stimulating Maths curriculum that includes well-pitched, pacey lessons; interactive games on the SMART board and an individual computer account for every child.

In Year 5, children focus on the objectives of the ISEB syllabus. Through creative planning, teachers incorporate the objectives in to cross-curricular lessons that aim to progress and refine mathematical skills, providing opportunities for the application of further problem-solving and prepare each individual for the academic years that will follow. Practical tasks outside, gripping games online and skills- based exercises in books are all features of the Year 5 scheme of work.


Through carefully written mathematical problems, children develop their ability to think logically, test strategically and reason effectively. Mathematical questions may include:

  • How can we use our knowledge of capacity to make a potion for George’s Marvellous Medicine?
  • Can we measure distances and angles correctly to find hidden treasure?
  • Which mathematical skills would we need to plan and deliver a party that does not exceed a given budget?

Head of Junior School Maths: Sally Temlett

01372 372197