Music is seen as an integral part of the curriculum at Downsend. Learning to play and appreciate music can encourage participation, teamwork, and a sense of group identity as well as increasing creativity. It develops the children’s ability to understand themselves and relate to others, thus promoting self-confidence and social skills. It can also support learning in other subject areas, such as the ability to listen and concentrate and the facility for self-expression.


All pupils are taught to sing, to play tuned and untuned percussion and the basics of music theory in class.

Year 2 learn how to play the recorder and to read basic notation.

In Year 3 we operate an instrumental scheme in which all pupils are introduced to the flute, trumpet, clarinet and violin.

In Year 4, all of the pupils receive class tuition on the ukulele.

In Year 5 the pupils have an opportunity to take part in a Young Voices concert with thousands of other pupils from other schools at the O2 Arena.


Downsend has a dedicated team of peripatetic music staff offering tuition on various instruments including: flute, saxophone, clarinet, oboe, recorder, violin, viola, trumpet, trombone, piano, guitar, cello, drum kit, percussion and singing.

Children with outstanding musical talent have the opportunity to apply for a Music Scholarship.

All children are encouraged to join one of our ensembles which include:

  • Lower School Rock Bands,
  • Brass Band,
  • Lower School Orchestra,
  • Whole School Orchestra,
  • Lower School Choir,
  • Chamber Choir
  • Samba Band.

Head of Music – Nicole Allison

01372 372197