The subject of Reasoning holds an important place in the curriculum at Downsend, especially so since the introduction of the pre-tests for senior schools. The reasoning pre-tests can be Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative or a mix of all three. They can also be carried out on paper or online. Here at Downsend, we try to cater for all and in the year of the pre-tests, the work that the pupils cover will be directly linked to the schools which they are sitting for.

Our Aims

Through the teaching of Reasoning, our aim is to enable the children to tackle the reasoning paper in the pre-test with confidence. They should have had experience in tackling a variety of different verbal and non-verbal questions.


The journey begins in Year 3 where the children will start to do some thinking skills activities and each lesson will begin with a ‘thunk’ to get the brain warmed up! They will then start to learn how to tackle different types of question. This continues in Year 4 where they will have the same type of question, only more challenging.

In Year 5 non-verbal is introduced and they will spend one term on verbal, one term on non-verbal and then a mix of the two doing assessments to see how they are progressing.

Key Skills:


  • Using the Alphabet
  • Making Words
  • Word meanings
  • Maths and Sequences
  • Logic and Coding


  • Odd One Out
  • Find the Figure
  • Complete the Hexagonal/Square Grid
  • Complete the Pair/Series
  • Rotate/Reflect the Figure
  • 3D Rotations and Building Blocks
  • 2D Views of 3D Shapes
  • Cubes and Nets.

Head of PSHE / Reasoning: Dee Vanstone

01372 372197