Our Aims

‘Wonderful sporting experiences and a wealth of opportunities for every boy and girl’. These are aims of the Sports Department who are keen to give each pupil the best start to enjoying sport. Through dynamic and effective teaching and coaching, the ‘Sport for All’ focus is balanced with the provision of a range of activities delivered at the most appropriate level. Enjoyment, excellence, participation, teamwork and sportsmanship are key elements on offer as every child develops their talents in the different sporting arenas on the way to acquiring a love and appreciation of sport for the future.


All Downsend pupils take part in at least three hours of sporting activity per week, taught by specialist Sports staff. This is enhanced by further opportunities in additional sporting practices and match play, either after-school or at weekends.

Rugby, Football, Hockey, Netball, Cricket, Athletics, Rounders and Swimming are all major sports at Downsend.

Additionally, the school offers the following sports in which pupils can enjoy competitions or recreational participation.  This will include Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Biathlon, Tennis and Gymnastics

Pupils benefit from an outstanding range of indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

  • Extensive football, rugby, rounders and cricket pitches.
  • A 200m grass athletics track
  • Four outdoor cricket nets
  • All weather Astro turf
  • A hard playing surface allowing for 6 tennis courts and 4 netball courts
  • A 25m, indoor swimming pool
  • Full size sports hall with facilities for basketball, badminton, netball, 5-a-side football and 4 indoor cricket nets.
  • Sports pavilion, providing additional changing facilities, a café and spectator areas


A full sports programme is complemented further with a number of opportunities for pupils to be involved in additional activities including:

Year 2 – Ball skills and Saturday Morning Sports Club

Year 3 – Hockey / Football / Netball / Tag Rugby / Rounders / Cricket / Athletics

Year 4 – Hockey / Football / Netball / Rugby / Rounders / Cricket / Athletics

We are proud of the extensive range of sports clubs on offer for all pupils, in addition to the timetabled programme of sports activities. These clubs include: Judo, Gymnastics, Swimming, Mini – Crickets, Athletics and Street Dance.

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