Our Academic Results

Our Academic Results

The academic achievement of Downsend’s pupils, at every stage, is something we are very proud of. We will always say that a child should never be judged by data alone, for their skills, talents, and strengths are far greater than what can be tested through assessments.

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But, this does not mean that our pupils are not achieving the most stunning results.  Because they really are. They work hard. We work hard. We work hard together, to make sure that every single pupil aims high, and reaches places they may never have felt possible.

Each section below, shows our excellent results from Reception through to Year 9. We’ll happily share all our detailed data with you, just let our Admissions Team know and we can provide you with anything you need.

We also know that understanding what ‘good’ looks like is really challenging, especially when different schools use different methods of assessment. With this in mind, we’re writing blogs on each method of assessment so you can see in greater detail, exactly how we do things.

Take a look at our excellent academic data from Reception to Year 9:

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junior data

Senior data

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