English is at the heart of every aspect of a child’s learning. They will feel confident in speaking and listening and reading and writing by the time they leave us. We provide the opportunity to develop a strong skills base, cultivate the craft of writing and experience a huge range of literary texts.

Our Aims

Through our teaching of English the children will:

  • Express themselves creatively and imaginatively, communicating eloquently with others
  • Become enthusiastic and critical readers of a wide range of poetry, fiction, non-fiction
  • Communicate articulately with people and feeling confident in public speaking
  • Explore the English language looking at the origins, structures and patterns of it
  • Study a variety of genres in order to appreciate various styles of writing


Building on the foundations laid down in the Lower School the emphasis in Year 6 begins with preparing pupils for the pre-tests, with a focus on the Common Entrance and Scholarship Syllabus in Year 8.

Programmes of study include Shakespeare, Dickens, World War 1, poets and cultural poetry, crime and detection, gothic, media and journalism, applied and creative writing and English Speaking Board exams.

Speaking and Listening

  • Opportunities to take part in school productions and concerts
  • Year 7 – English Speaking Board examinations
  • Year 6 – Poetry recital competition
  • Year 7/ 8 – Shakespeare soliloquy competition


  • Reading of a range of texts
  • Weekly Library session, including a 1-to-1 reading conference with the teacher
  • Comprehension passages and poems in class on an ongoing basis


Taught as an ongoing skill and regularly tested. The children are encouraged to correct common misspellings and accurate sentence structure, grammar rules and punctuation are explained.


Beyond the classroom, the children experience:

  • Public Speaking Club and competitions
  • Theatre Trips including Year 6 trip to the Globe
  • Visiting theatre groups.
  • World Book Day, National Poetry Day.
  • Rotary Club Writing competitions
  • Storytellers/Poets visits.
  • Optional LAMDA lessons, exams and preparation for Drama scholarships

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