Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies is the key to overcoming prejudice, through education and exposure. In the increasingly multi-cultural country in which we live it is important for young minds to understand the faiths followed in the UK. Equally, the increasingly secular nature of the UK is addressed by the philosophical and ethical elements within the curriculum.

Our Aims

In the RS Department we aim to:

  • Fulfil the requirements of the Common Entrance and Scholarship Examination Syllabi
  • Enable children to have an understanding of the Christian faith and other world religions
  • Enable children to explore their own thoughts and views on various ethical and philosophical issues
  • Enable children to understand the role of faith in today’s society

Our Objectives

Through the teaching of RS, our children will:

  • Understand that we live in a multicultural world
  • Understand that the UK is a multicultural country
  • Develop a curiosity about the nature of faith
  • Understand the philosophical, theological and ethical nature of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in depth
  • Develop an understanding of other world religions including Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism


Children in the Upper School Study:

  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • World Religions
    • Judaism
    • Islam
  • Contemporary issues

Head of Religious Studies: Jenny Graham

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