What’s that you’re reading? – Mr. Matthew Duffield – Head of English Senior School

Book: “A Place Called Winter” by Patrick Gale

This is the book I’m currently reading, which I’m enjoying tremendously. Set in the early 1900s ‘A Place Called Winter’ tells the story of Harry Cane who is forced to flee his wealthy, comfortable life in England for the harsh and unforgiving world of the Canadian plains after an affair. The main message of the book considers the nature and complexities of love; regardless of gender it can be familial, platonic or passionate.

One of my favourite quotes from the novel, ‘… Harry found the trick was not to look up at the enormity of the work ahead, but simply to focus on the ground and task immediately before him.’

I read to relax, escape and learn more about the world. Not only is it vital for mental wellbeing, but a novel can take you to any time period, any place, any culture, and any message, issue or problem that might help you make sense of our strange world.

My favourite children’s book is ‘The Cay’ by Theodore Taylor. It was the first book I read that made me cry. It taught me a lot about the corrosive nature of prejudice and discrimination.



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