What’s that you’re reading? Ms. Camilla Coates – Year 6 Form Tutor and Head of Junior School English

What are you reading at the moment/What was the last book you read? Give a brief synopsis. What’s the main message of the book?

I am reading Lilac Girls by Martha Hall Kelly. Lilac Girls is a historical fiction novel, inspired by the true story of activist and socialite Caroline Ferriday. The book tells the stories of three women during WWII, beginning with Caroline in 1939 and continuing to alternate perspectives with two other women: Kasia and Herta.

Why/when do you read?

I read because I enjoy it! I love getting into a good book and often become absorbed in a story. It is relaxing and calming and helps me to switch off at the end of a busy day.

I also read to learn new things. I studied Anthropology at university and still enjoy reading journals and learning about new cultures and traditions. I also read gardening journals to pick up new tips and ideas for my garden!

What is your favourite children’s book? Did you have a favourite book or author, growing up?

The Famous Five by Enid Blyton. As a child, I adored these books – I think I own nearly every copy! I also loved The Secret Seven.



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