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Year 2 Victorian Day

Downsend pupil writes calligraphy with chalk

Year 2 Victorian Day

Year 2 travelled back in time to the 1880s last Friday for a taste of school life during Victorian times. Dozens of chimney sweeps and maids graced the classrooms, but a youthful Queen Victoria and her consort, Prince Albert, also paid an appearance. Nail inspections, writing on slates, drill with Mr Roberts and silent classrooms were the order of the day as the children came to grips with rote learning and the 3Rs (reading , writing and arithmetic). Unsmiling strict teachers, the dunce’s hat and the dreaded cane dominated, yet strangely many children loved the experience!


“The teachers were so strict! I really like doing the fancy handwriting though.” – Katie 2CW
“Drill time with Mr Roberts was scary but fun.” D’arcy 2ST
“Playtime was different because we played with hoops and quoits” Tom 2YdV
“Lessons were funny because if you didn’t know the work, you got the Dunce’s hat or the cane!” Alex 2LB

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