Year 7 Trip to the Tower of London

Year 7 Trip to the Tower of London

The Tower of London looked beautiful and impressive as we approached yesterday but as we entered by Traitor’s Gate we saw the darker side to this London landmark. In the impressive courtyard we saw where Anne Boleyn was beheaded. The walls in a prison were covered in graffiti carved into the stone – a stark reminder of how many people fell out of favour with the monarchs only to find themselves in The Tower, where they were to live out their last days. The torture chamber was my favourite part, showing the most sinister side of the Tower of London- perhaps what it is most famous for. A rack and various tools to torture the traitors were on display and the reality of the horrors that took place here was evident.

A highlight for many, including Miss Black, (the Queen of all things gory and sparkly) were the Crown Jewels on display.  A magnificent collection which dazzled our eyes as we saw the jewels used in the Coronations.

Overall it was a great trip during which we had lots of fun and we learnt how important it was to keep in favour with Royalty in the past!

By Chloe M

Yesterday we went to the Tower of London, which was a truly historical place. I enjoyed the torture chamber the most. For the first time I got to know that they tortured prisoners stretching their limbs or squishing them in small places! I can’t imagine how painful and harsh it would have been! They said that there were 22 people executed. We saw the Graffiti the Prisoners did. It would have been so much stressful in such a small place! I had a wonderful experience in the Tower of London today.

By Kelly N

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