Ashtead Pre-Prep – Fabuleuse Journée Française!

Bonjour! Pre–Prep Ashtead was an array of bleu, blanc et rouge on Tuesday as we celebrated French Day. Wonderful outfits complete with berets and even a baguette, skipped in through the front door!

We started our day with an assembly; a very enthusiastic, ‘Bonjour Tout le Monde,’ song and some interesting facts about France. Did you know that the Eiffel Tower grows around 6 inches taller in the Summer? Year One sang one of their favourite French songs and some of the children asked questions and responded to each other in French.

The children were glad that ‘les escargots’ and ‘les cuisses de grenouilles’ were off the lunch menu, but gladly tucked into croissants and pain au chocolats served by some of the Year 8s in our alfresco French café. The children tried out some of the French phrases they have learnt and remembered their manners with, S’il vous plaît and Merci. Bravo!


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