Little Downsend Leatherhead

Welcome to Little Downsend Leatherhead.

Little Downsend Leatherhead, located just a 5 minute walk from the Junior and Senior School, possesses its own special character, with large bright, well equipped classrooms, brimming with interactive activities. Little Downsend Leatherhead has the largest outdoor area of the three schools, with over an acre of garden space including playgrounds, astro turfed sports area and a magnificent forest school zone.

At each of our Little Downsend schools, we instil the same nurture, innovation, love of life, dynamic energy and high standards, supported by experienced and passionate teachers.

Age range

Children can join us at Little Downsend Leatherhead from the age of 2 up until the age of 7 (Year 2). For Year 3, children are able to progress seamlessly to the Main School just 5 minutes walk away.

  • First steps: 2-3yrs

  • Rising Reception: 3-4yrs

  • Reception: 4-5yrs

  • Year 1: 5-6yrs

  • Year 2: 6-7yrs

    A welcoming feeling with a dynamic energy.

    Located on Epsom Road, a short walk from Leatherhead town centre towards the Knoll roundabout, and only 5 minutes from the Junior and Senior School.

    Little Downsend Leatherhead, although the larger of the three, has a lovely welcoming feeling whilst also offering children delightful classroom spaces, areas for outdoor educational play as well as huge open spaces for sports, games, playtime and forest school.

    All three Little Downsend Schools will benefit from a £500k+ investment in Summer 2023, continuing to upgrade the educational opportunities for children of all ages. Our full investment plan will be published in early 2023.

    Little Downsend Leatherhead is wonderful. You get a real sense of what our child is doing and learning. I couldn't recommend them more highly.

    – Little Downsend Leatherhead Parent, 2022

    Our approach.

    When children join us at Little Downsend Leatherhead, they join a friendly and welcoming community, quickly settling into the routines and fun of the day.

    Our main focus is making sure that children are happy and settled, whilst also making sure that every day is full of adventure, whether they are two or seven! Although each year groups’ day is structured slightly differently due to their age, the general ethos is the same – every day should be fun, interactive, playful and exciting. The learning is subtle without children even being aware they are soaking up new skills every single day.

    Our team of qualified teachers form exceptionally strong bonds with children, knowing how to get the best from them through support, or stretch or a little bit of both. We love to get outside and enjoy our natural spaces, so learning is often taken outside into the playground areas or grassy fields beyond.


    From Little Downsend Epsom, our children have the choice to progress to Downsend Main School.

    Downsend School is a Junior and Secondary school for children aged 7 years to 16 years.

    Inspiring Young Minds. Creating Incredible Futures.


    0 - 4 yrs old


    2 - 7 yrs old


    7-12 yrs old


    12 - 16 yrs old


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