Little Downsend Ashtead

Welcome to Little Downsend Ashtead.

Little Downsend Ashtead is the perfect place for little learners to begin their exciting adventures. Based on a lovely quiet leafy street, in a large Victorian house, Little Downsend Ashtead has a warm and cosy feeling about it that children and parents both love. Children here are happy and settled, gently introduced to playful learning and socialising by a team of dedicated qualified teachers. Class sizes are deliberately small, so even from the very beginning, we can provide children with the very best start, encouraging them to explore the world around them.

At each of our Little Downsend schools we instil the same nurture, innovation, love of life, dynamic energy and high standards, supported by experienced and passionate teachers.

Age Range

Welcoming babies to the Downsend family.

From September 2023, Little Downsend Ashtead will welcome babies from the age of 6 months up to the age of 4. Our year groups will be:

  • Bright Beginners: 0-1yrs

  • Early Learners: 1-2yrs

  • First steps: 2-3 yrs

  • Rising Reception: 3-4yrs

  • Facilities & Location

    Located on Oakfield Road, Little Downsend Ashtead benefits from the best of both worlds. Just a short walk to Ashtead High Street, the Station and the Tennis and Cricket Clubs, whilst also in a quiet residential area with plenty of green space nearby.

    Little Downsend Ashtead is a charming building, but its chocolate box exterior belies the energy and activity within! Each classroom is equipped with the latest resources and interactive teaching walls.

    The outdoor space is perfect for little people with lots of energy, with covered areas for educational play under canopy, with water and 'loose parts play' a favourite activity. Our large Astroturf also has a canopy for during the warmer weather, and a wide range of play equipment for climbing and sliding! At the far end of the garden, children enjoy Forest School and the chance to grow vegetables, get muddy and explore the great outdoors.

    All three Little Downsend Schools will benefit from a £500k+ investment in Summer 2023, continuing to upgrade the educational opportunities for children of all ages. Our full investment plan will be published in early 2023.

    Our approach.

    Although our most important priority in our Nursery is to ensure children are settled, comfortable, happy and relaxed, we go out of our way to make sure every single day is imaginative and exciting. We gently stimulate your child’s curiosity to build their confidence, to shape their social skills and help them toddle through their next steps with ease.

    Our team form strong bonds with children and provide a caring and safe environment which feels like a home from home. Our relationship with you as parents is also a strong one – you’ll know all about your child’s day, what they are learning, their friendships, favourite meals and how they are progressing.

    A day at Little Downsend Ashtead is set up for children to enjoy both indoor and outdoor time, moving from indoor play and games to outdoor exploration in the garden, providing the flexibility and freedom for children to experiment, have fun and enjoy the great outdoors.


    For Reception, our children have the choice to progress to Little Downsend Leatherhead or Little Downsend Epsom.

    Little Downsend Epsom (2-7 years)

    Little Downsend Epsom is a Nursery and Pre-Prep for children aged 2 years to 7 years.

    Little Downsend Leatherhead (2-7 years)

    Little Downsend Leatherhead is a Nursery and Pre-Prep for children aged 2 years to 7 years

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    0 - 4 yrs old


    2 - 7 yrs old


    7-12 yrs old


    12 - 16 yrs old


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