Junior Curriculum

Building the foundations for excellence.

The curriculum in the Junior School lays the foundations for future learning by providing a deep and thorough basis in core subjects which are then enriched with a broad, imaginative and exciting range of specialist subjects.

Each term, children have a theme for their learning, which crosses across subject areas, which means they are fully immersed in the topic whether they are in an English lesson or a Geography lesson. We enrich our curriculum with trips, visits, speakers and theatre productions that bring our classroom learning to life.

Pupils in the Junior School will study:

Junior School Subject Areas

Academic Excellence

Junior Results.

In the Junior School, children achieve excellent results in their annual assessments. We use GL Tests which include Progress Tests in English and Maths, as well as CAT 4 tests which enable us to see more holistically what a child is capable of and where they have the potential to achieve more.

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