Future Skills Vision

Our Vision.

At Downsend, our vision is to inspire a generation to embrace the future, shaping incredible people who will make change in our world.

For us, boundaries are there to be pushed and new possibilities there to be explored.

Having watched the landscape for our children change so significantly throughout the pandemic, we saw an opportunity to re-evaluate our aims and approach, embracing the changes and engaging with the very best educational and industry research to help us look to the future.

Our future skills vision in action

At Downsend, we prepare our young people for the future with a creative and problem-solving approach.

We think big, we celebrate innovation, and we never hold back.

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This school is genuinely fresh with innovation and is responding to the outside world.

The Good Schools Guide

Inspiring Young Minds.Creating Incredible Futures.

Inspiring a Global Perspective

We inspire a global perspective, encouraging an awareness and an understanding of the world around us, and our responsibility to make change.

Shaping Incredible People

We shape incredible people with the emotional intelligence to build relationships, lead teams and adapt to a changing world.

Stimulating Creativity

We find the creativity within us all. We develop the curious, the critical-thinkers, the artists and the innovators.

Building Digital Mastery

We aspire to digital mastery by equipping ourselves with the ability and the mindset to tackle the technology of the future.

To read more about our vision and what it means for Downsend pupils, take a look at our Vision for the Future Brochure.

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