Junior School Enrichment

Enriching your child's experience.

We use the term Enrichment to refer to all the opportunities your child will have access to in addition to their teaching and learning.

We pride ourselves on going the extra mile to make a Downsend education lively, energetic, broad and immersive. Life is never dull at Downsend!


Something for every child.

In the Junior School, clubs are offered on different days of the week depending on your child’s year group and finish at 4:50pm. Many are provided free of charge. Our Clubs Programme is designed around our Future Skills vision and offers opportunities ranging from Eco-Club, to Coding Club, to Quiz Club and Music Tech.


Sports Practices.

Every year group will have dedicated evenings for sports practices which are open to every pupil to attend. Running from 4:30-5:30pm, the practice is dedicated to the sport that is being played that term and will focus on conditioning, technique, strategy and teamwork.

Music and drama

An integral part of life at Downsend.

Our Drama department produces several high quality performances every year which are performed to packed-out crowds in our Creative Arts Centre. From Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat to High School Musical and the Lion King, pupils are asked to audition for parts and then attend rehearsals both during lunchtimes and after school.

The opportunity to enjoy and learn a musical instrument, and be part of groups, bands or choirs is extensive. Children can take additional lessons through our peripatetic specialists as well as joining our rock bands, brass , string , wind or percussion groups at lunchtimes or after school.


"The first school we've come across to have Monty Python's Spamalot in it's performance repertoire - fantastic!"

- The Good School's Guide

Trips and Visits

Enrichment Trips.

Our curriculum is exciting and immersive and so there is no better way to bring learning to life than to provide children with opportunities to see concepts in action. Linked to our curriculum, every year group has the chance to enjoy day trips to Museums, Theatres or Galleries or to take Field Trips. We regularly run a curriculum collapse day around particular themes, or invite children to dress up in costume.

Residential trips begin from Year 3 starting with an overnight camp at school progressing to a 3 night stay at an activity camp Year 6 which helps children to develop their independence and build relationships.

  • Year 3: Sleepover on the lawn

  • Year 4: Walton Firs Activity Centre, Cobham

  • Year 5: Penhurst Place, Kent

  • Year 6: UK Sailing Academy, Isle of Wight

Before and After School

Junior Prep and Extended Day.

In the Junior School, all pupils are able to attend Junior Prep from the end of the school day until 4:20pm. Children tend to do their homework or read quietly during this time. Junior Prep is included within your fees.

If you require care beyond 4pm, Junior School pupils are able to attend Extended Day until 5:45pm. Extended Day is bookable in advance at a cost of £12 per day and includes a sandwich tea.

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