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For more details on how we are beginning our safe, orderly and effective transition back to school from 1 June, please see our Back To School page for more information and guides for each site.

Admissions Process

Admissions Process

Downsend prides itself on ensuring a smooth, open and professional admissions process. Our team work all year round to ensure enquiries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Thank you for your interest in our school. As a result of the current coronavirus crisis, we are changing the way we are working to provide parents with the peace of mind that they can still plan for their child’s educational future through our Virtual Admissions Process. You can still contact the team using the information below. 

Our team is led by the Admissions Manager, Lisa Durrant, who has over six years international experience in managing admissions teams.

Lisa is supported by an Admissions Assistant.

The team can be contacted by:


Telephone: +44 7903 728915

Little Downsend Admissions Information

Each Little Downsend is divided into the following year groups. Most pupils join us in First Steps and progress through the school, however we are delighted to consider applications for other year groups dependent upon availability of places.

Year group Ages
First Steps 2 – 3
Rising Reception 3 – 4
Reception 4 – 5
Year 1 5 – 6

Sessions at Little Downsend                                                                                                  

All Little Downsend Schools require children in First Steps and Rising Reception to attend a minimum number of sessions per week in order to ensure they are well prepared to enter full time education when they enter their Reception year. We describe our sessions as:

  • Mornings from 08:30am to 12noon
  • Afternoons from 12noon to 3:30pm

We have a fixed session progression to ensure all our children are confident and ready to meet the demands of their next year group.

Year Group Age Autumn term Spring term Summer term
First Steps The academic year (Sept to Aug) your child turns 2 2 mornings 3 sessions 3 sessions
First Steps The academic year (Sept to Aug) your child turns 3 4 sessions 4 sessions 5 sessions
Rising Reception 3-4 6 sessions 7 sessions 8 sessions

In Rising Reception, every child is expected to attend all Morning sessions with their additional sessions in the Afternoon.

Our fixed session progression guidance ensures that all our children are prepared for full-time education when they reach Reception by gradually increasing their time spent in school.

Children will not be required to step up sessions immediately following a birthday but can increase their sessions at the beginning of the next term. Our aim is for all families to follow the guidance, but we do understand that in some circumstances more flexibility may be required for individual children and families. Please make an appointment with Mrs Conlan (Little Downsend Epsom and Leatherhead) or Mrs Roberts (Little Downsend Ashtead) to discuss the possibility of a more flexible arrangement should you need this.

The progression guidance demonstrates a minimum expectation. Families are able to exceed the guidance if required in every year group.

Downsend School Admissions Process

We are delighted to consider applications for all year groups if we have availability. We subscribe to a maximum class size and therefore carefully balance our admissions decisions.



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