Downsend School Parent Reviews

Downsend School Parent Reviews

Little Downsend Parent Reviews

Find out below what our Parents at Little Downsend Ashtead, Epsom and Leatherhead say about our school.

Kind, caring staff who encourage the children, develop their confidence and make learning fun

My son settled extremely well and quickly helped by the wonderful staff. The school has great facilities and offers the children the opportunity to get involved in a wide variety of activities.

We love the way the school is run – it feels like we’re part of a family. Kamran loves his time there, and we’re delighted with his progress.

We can only compare Downsend Pre-Prep Epsom to 1 day nursery where both of our children went to previously, but we both feel that our children are developing so much here, in any way possible. We love the experiences they get and the mixing of different ages. We’ve noticed that both children (First steps and Reception) have made friends or are being friendly with children from all age groups.

The school has given a solid foundation to my children.

Nice and caring environment, my children love the school and enjoy leaning.

My children are very happy to go to school every day and I think this is down to the teachers and friendly staff at Downsend Leatherhead.

Fantastic School. Both my girls love it. Friends I have recommended have found the same experience.

The school has done a great job of making my kids feel important and loved. My kids seem to have really thrived in their learning and are happy to go to school.

Downsend School Parent Reviews

I have had a very positive experience of Downsend with all 3 of my children who are happy and have thrived in the school.

Friendly, vibrant and a rich learning environment

For me, Downsend offers the perfect balance between work and play. My daughter is always happy to go to school and achieves well.

Downsend has provided our family with a sensational level of education in a nurturing and exciting atmosphere. It hits exactly the right level for young children and educates in harmony with our own family ethos.

Both boys have thrived since being at Downsend, the facilities are excellent and the school prepares children very well for senior school

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