Ashtead Pre-Prep – Activity Morning @ Downsend

Year One had a very exciting STEAM themed visit to Downsend on Tuesday. The morning began with an engineering challenge, followed by an opportunity to develop our technology skills in the ICT suite. After a brief play, it was back into the classroom for an art lesson and the visit was rounded off with an interactive music activity. All the sessions were led by the specialist teachers from Downsend and this was an excellent opportunity for the children to have a brief taste of life in Year 2.

“I liked doing computers because I liked pressing the buttons”- Frankie

“I liked getting my hands messy in art” – Harriet

“I like doing technology and working out how to make my kite” – Arlo

” The classrooms were really inspiring and interesting” – Matilda

“I am looking forward to learning about Tutankhamun” – Summar         Janet Catlow


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