Ashtead Pre-Prep – Living Eggs in School

Downsend pupil shares excitement with the baby chick

Last week we received a very special delivery and it wasn’t long before 10 little eggs won their place in many hearts. For the past two weeks, Reception have taken wonderful care of our new arrivals and now … its time for them to fly the nest … so to speak! The whole school atmosphere has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation … which egg would hatch first? what will we name them? will they be boys or girls? “They use their little beaks to help them peck out the egg!” Matilda. “The girls are brown and the boys are yellow … we’ve got 5 of each …5 and 5 makes 10!” Brennan. This excitement has fed into all areas of learning and sparked the children’s curiosity, imaginative writing, mark making and language. What a wonderful way to learn about a life cycle first hand. Thank you DAPA from all the children and staff!

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