Ashtead Pre-Prep – P4C

Ashtead Pre-Prep - P4C

P4C, which is short for Philosophy for Children, is a new addition to our Year One curriculum this year. During the weekly sessions, the children  are asked one question that is the focus of a philosophical enquiry or dialogue. Yesterday, Mrs Catlow posed the question ‘What makes a good friend?’ and through the discussion that this provoked, further questions were asked, such as ‘Can you have a bad friend?’ and ‘Will you always have the friends that you have now?’  The dialogue that takes place allows the children to see that their ideas have value whilst others have different ideas that have value too. They realise that they don’t always have to be right. It challenges their critical thinking skills and builds confidence to ask questions and learn through discussion. We have already seen the impact that these lessons are having on the way our Year One children have started to reason their thoughts and articulate their opinions. This is having a wonderfully positive effect on the way they are learning to resolve  social interactions and tackle the challenges they face academically. The children say “We love P4C!”


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