Ashtead Pre-Prep – Rising Reception visit Birdworld

Rising Reception were very excited when they arrived at school yesterday as they were going on their first all day school trip to Birdworld.  They headed straight off on arrival and were amazed at the variety of birds they saw. There were pelicans, vultures, hornbills, owls, toucans, kookaburras and many many more. The children were fascinated by the parrot that said “Hello” to them and the flamingos who were looking after babies on their nests. Do you know how many eggs a flamingo lays or the colour of their babies? If you’re not sure, just ask someone in Rising Reception! It was feeding time when the children visited the penguins and the keeper talked to the children all about where penguins live in the wild. The children were also interested to hear how we must protect our ocean habitat and keep it clean. There was also a special treat in store as the children visited their little farm and were able to hold and stroke some of the animals. The verdict from everyone about the day was, “Brilliant!”


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