Ashtead Pre-Prep – Talk for Writing

We are always looking for new ways to fire the children’s imaginations and to develop their writing skills even further. On Monday all the staff took part in a Talk4Writing workshop which  gave us many inspirational ideas on how to encourage the children to enjoy stories and become storytellers. We are planning to hold a parents’ workshop next term to explain the principles behind Talk4Writing. In the meantime, please talk to your child about the stories that they are learning at school and which they enjoy sharing and discussing during bedtime stories at home.

In this photo you can see our Mighty Writer resource showing Talk4 Writing techniques in action. The children are asked to choose a main character and four other pictures from the various picture sets. They are then given a few minutes to study their individual pictures to tell a story. This was the story: “My troll goes into the jungle. He trod on a diamond. He then goes into the witches house and found a crown.” An amazing story Max!


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